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Intel told the Wall Street Journal that it's gotten the power consumption of the fourth-generation mainstream Haswell Core chip due out sometime next year down 41% from where it thought it would be. At 10W it should mean thinner, lighter laptops with longer battery life. Good thing too considering it Ultrabooks haven't been selling and PC demand is, well, kinda sucky. On September 11 the company is supposed to demonstrate a newfangled thing called an Ultrabook convertible, a light laptop that converts into a tablet. It's also supposed to show off widgets with features such as gesture, voice and facial recognition, the paper says. Comparable chips now on the market need 17W. ... (more)

Fuel for Thought – Global Media Giant Goes Green

Global Media giants GDS International are famed for catering to the needs of the worlds fortune 500 companies, running leading publications and news websites for the world's biggest Jet setters. But with the economy still recovering and the cost of fuel rising Chairman Spencer Green wants to do more to reflect his readers changing attitudes and Go Green. Every website in the world requires electricity (generated from the burning of Fossil-Fuels) to power hosting servers, the networks that connects it to the rest of the globe and the computers that we view it from. Therefore, every impression has a carbon footprint that contributes to climate-change.

Next Generation Power & Energy was suitably the first website that has undergone the various changes to make it Carbon neutral, but by the end of the year his entire catalogue of over 100 leading sites Studies show ... (more)

Asia Can Help Lead Climate-Change Fight with Green Dollar Spending

As officials meet in Copenhagen to hammer out a new global climate-change policy, the NGU (Next Generations Utilities) Summit was announced in Sentosa early next year by giants Tata Power and Kepco. Alongside fifty other key Utility providers in the region, the meeting - run by GDS International - was called to discuss the impact of the Copenhagen Conference and to discuss Green Dollar spending in the region. Such large operators are looking at Asia's innovative companies like Suntech in China who have taken the lead in producing silicon-based photovoltaic cells and wind-power producers like China Longyuan, who had a strong debut on the Hong Kong stock market, raising more than $2 billion in an initial public offering that rose 9.4% on the stock's first day of trading, to learn how to capitalize on the Green Dollar. "Asia's clean technology companies are poised to ben... (more)

Search for Energy Efficient Servers Leads Ex-Weatherman to Build-a-Blade

The Next Blade Revolution Begins Open platforms have always meant more cost savings and greater flexibility in business computing. In the ‘80s, proprietary desktops gave way to clones, and the ‘90s saw proprietary servers and workstations dissolve into off-the-shelf x86 architectures. Today, a handful of "big iron" vendors own the blade market with their proprietary enclosures and restrictive designs...and history is about to repeat itself. Change in the Wind In 1978, Anthony Watts was a Purdue-trained TV meteorologist with a background in electrical engineering. By 1985, when Willard Scott was in his prime, Watts invented the first NTSC broadcast encoder for the IBM PC for use in television weather broadcasts. Not content with the then-blazing 6 MHz of IBM AT machines, which could take up to ten minutes to render a single frame, Watts modded the computers with a cus... (more)

Doing Business in the Cloud

"Social and word of mouth are important to the solar industry," noted Candice Adams, Marketing Manager for Trinity Solar, in this exclusive Q&A with Cloud Expo Conference Chair Jeremy Geelan, "many of us do the majority of our social networking on our mobile devices and the cloud is the backbone of our favorite smartphones and tablets." Cloud Computing Journal: The move to cloud isn't about saving money, it is about saving time - agree or disagree? Candice Adams: Absolutely agree! While the financial savings are a tremendous benefit, it is the time savings where we see the largest cloud benefits. We have a very large sales team spread from MA to MD, and the cloud allows us to pass information in real-time, no matter where we happen to be working that day. Cloud Computing Journal: What about the role of social: aside from the acronym itself SMAC (for Social, Mobile... (more)

Green Technology and Saving Energy Now Include Using Recycled Plate Glass on the Roof of Your Home

PALM COAST, FL -- (MARKET WIRE) -- 05/22/07 -- Who would have ever thought that using recycled plate glass on the roof of your home could help you save money on your energy bill -- and play a role in restoring and extending the life of your roof? Vincent R. Valles, Sr., who developed the technology and who is also the founder of Florida-based Dur-A-Shield International, Inc., says it makes a lot of sense to grind up plate glass and add it to Dur-A-Shield's product that is already used to protect roofs. "Solar reflection is very high because of the glass," Valles says. "Energy conservation and savings are important to our Nation's future." The glass, ground to an almost powder-like substance, works in conjunction with the Dur-A-Shield coating, which forms a clear hard shield to extend the life of the roof and prevent growth or re-growth of mold, mildew and fungus. Th... (more)

Oracle's Sun Division at SAP Virtualization Week

Sun Microsystems announced that it will demonstrate virtualization solutions, resulting from its technical collaboration with SAP AG, at SAP Virtualization Week 2009, being held April 20-24 at SAP Labs in Palo Alto, CA. In addition, Sun is announcing expanded support for the Adaptive Computing Controller tool from SAP via the Solaris(TM) 10 Operating System and Sun Logical Domains (LDoms) software. Sun has also joined SAP as a founding member of the “Green IT” community. For more information on Sun virtualization solutions in support of SAP applications, visit: http://www.sun.com/sap/virtualization. “For more than 10 years, Sun and SAP have been delivering virtualization solutions to our joint customers across the globe,” said Jim McHugh, vice president of Data Center Software Marketing at Sun. Sun offers a complete desktop-to-datacenter virtualization product por... (more)

Oracle Buys Virtual Iron

Oracle has agreed to acquire Virtual Iron Software, Inc. (Virtual Iron), a provider of server virtualization management software that enables dynamic resource and capacity management in virtualized data centers. The combination of Virtual Iron's technology and Oracle VM's scalable, high performance and highly available server virtualization product is expected to provide more comprehensive and dynamic resource management across the full software stack. Customers are expected to benefit from better capacity utilization, streamlined virtual server configuration, and improved visibility and control of their enterprise software. The transaction is subject to customary closing conditions and is expected to close this summer. Until the deal closes, each company will continue to operate independently. Financial details of the transaction were not disclosed. Supporting Qu... (more)

NetSuite Quantifies Green Benefits of SaaS Model

The notion that one huge, well-run data center is more energy efficient than thousands of average data centers is at the crux of a study recently concluded on behalf of NetSuite, a vendor of ERP and other business management software that offers its solutions under a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model. With SaaS, the vendor hosts and runs the system for you in the Internet cloud, thus doing away with the need for your own data center capacity for the applications you use via the cloud. According to the NetSuite announcement on the study-conducted by green solutions provider Greenspace-the energy savings are substantial. Among the findings: The savings amount to nearly 595 million kilowatt-hours (kWh) annually, the equivalent of nearly 423,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide per year This is equivalent to nearly 1 million barrels of oil, the average electricity consu... (more)

OEMs Back VMware DPM

VMware is supposed to say today that Dell, Fujitsu, HP, IBM and NEC will support its Distributed Power Management (DPM) to make their hardware more power-efficient. DPM, part of the VMware vSphere 4 platform, lowers power consumption in the data center by aggregating unused capacity and powering off unused servers without disrupting service levels, lowering energy consumption by as much as 20% on top of what’s possible with consolidation. According to VMware CTO Stephen Herrod (pictured below during a keynote given at SYS-CON's 3rd International Virtualization Conference & Expo), “We saw an opportunity to save even more power for our customers by focusing on partially used servers in virtualized environments. VMware DPM essentially performs server defragmentation. VMware DPM determines the best way to consolidate workloads onto the fewest number of physical servers ... (more)

How Sun Reinvented Its Own Data Centre Infrastructure

This is a pretty cool video of how Sun is walking the walk and not just talking the talk when it comes to its data centre efficiency strategy. Listen to Dean Nelson, director of Global Lab & Data Centre Design Services at Sun Microsystems, tell how the company basically reinvented its data centre infrastructure through virtualisation and consolidation of multiple facilities and the deployment of the company’s products and solutions. The challenge: Sun had to consolidate 25 years of organic growth, new products, re-organisations, acquisitions, and a multi-million dollar IT and R&D portfolio. The result: Sun increased storage capacity by 244%, increased computer power by 456%, cut energy costs by 60% and were awarded $1.2 million in rebates from utility suppliers. ... (more)