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Intel told the Wall Street Journal that it's gotten the power consumption of the fourth-generation mainstream Haswell Core chip due out sometime next year down 41% from where it thought it would be. At 10W it should mean thinner, lighter laptops with longer battery life. Good thing too considering it Ultrabooks haven't been selling and PC demand is, well, kinda sucky. On September 11 the company is supposed to demonstrate a newfangled thing called an Ultrabook convertible, a light laptop that converts into a tablet. It's also supposed to show off widgets with features such as gesture, voice and facial recognition, the paper says. Comparable chips now on the market need 17W. ... (more)

Technology Heroes Also Serve in Government

Great American technologists from academia and industry have always ensured our national security has the edge it needs, in peace, crisis and war. Academic Fredrick Terman (pictured) brought us radar and Silicon Valley. Edwin Land brought us overhead ISR. Gordon Moore ensured integrated circuits were accelerated into our community first. Scott McNealy drove security into Operating Systems. Bill Gates and Larry Ellison and a long list of other great IT leaders have also dedicated significant effort to the national security community in ways many will never know. Great technology heroes also serve in government.  Thanks to them government has been pioneering advances in secure cloud computing, biometrics, IT security, collaboration, geospatial, visualization, remote sensing and collaboration. Government IT leaders routinely contribute to our nation’s understanding of... (more)

Energy Management in Data Centers

Green Technology Journal on Ulitzer According to the Environmental Protection Agency, data centers across the United States accounted for 1.5 percent of total US electricity demand in 2006 — equivalent to the annual electric consumption of the state of Florida — and have become one of the fastest growing users of energy. While the power consumed at these individual data centers may be small, the consumption in totality at EPA and other large organizations is significantly enormous. Even as much is written about greening data centers and as non-profit organizations like the Green Grid are striving to bring about a new improved way of approaching this data center energy crisis, there is not much initiative on the part of the data centers themselves. They are often found to be slack on basic essentials in measurement and tracking equipment. A recent study by Gartner rel... (more)

Five Tips for a Greener IT Infrastructure from DocPath

Green IT is no longer just a fashionable subject for debate among systems managers. At a time when companies of all sizes are forced to do more with less, establishing environmental policies actually allows companies to increase their efficiency, reduce costs and improve their corporate image. "Green IT continues to be a significant initiative for many small and large businesses, but in these economic times, it is simply not enough to just be green," said Julio Olivares, CEO of DocPath. "Any green program must save money and time, in addition to helping the environment, and document management and printing represents an often overlooked area that has significant potential for cost savings within any organization." According to www.reduce.org, the average office worker uses 10,000 sheets of copy paper per year in the United States alone. That translates into nearly 3... (more)

Data Footprint Reduction (Part 1)

Over the past couple of weeks there has been a flurry of IT industry activity around data footprint impact reduction with Dell buying Ocarina and IBM acquiring Storwize. For those who want the quick (compacted, reduced) synopsis of what Dell buying Ocarina as well as IBM acquiring Storwize means read this post here along with some of my comments here and here. Now, before any Drs or Divas of Dedupe get concerned and feel the need to debate dedupes expanding role, success or applicability, relax, take a deep breath, then read on and take another breath before responding if so inclined. The reason I mention this is that some may mistake this as a piece against or not in favor of dedupe as it talks about life beyond dedupe which could be mistaken as indicating dedupes diminished role which is not the case (read ahead and see figure 5 to see the bigger picture). Likewi... (more)

Affordable, Interactive Crowdsourcing Platform for Sustainable Agriculture

This article focuses on the need for inclusive development in India with Accessible -Affordable -Interactive crowdsourcing platform for Agriculturists and consumers. This would enable National Mission for Sustainable Agriculture with convergence and integration of traditional knowledge and practice systems, information technologies and create an ecosystem for sustainable agriculture. The Indian Government as part of National Action Plan on Climate Change has identified National Mission for Sustainable Agriculture as one of the eight missions to achieve sustainable development. This paper attempts to present the need for Accessible -Affordable -Interactive crowdsourcing platform to enable inclusive development and possible solution with web by all and for all for Sustainable Agriculture. This could establish much needed visibility and transparency to enable public ... (more)

Our Legacy and the Three-Eyed Monsters of the Future

Among the innate PR I repeatedly churn out on this blog, I try to imprint the odd piece with some remote integrity, hoping to inspire honest thought (even if in a humorous context). I hope this article is one of the Diamonds in the rough and can engage you a bit more than usual. I read this week that the human race is consuming one and a half times the natural resources the earth can provide and this is growing exponentially as the population rises. One and a Half times! Forget the Sci-fi films and conspiracy theories the truth is plain to see, our consumption is simply not sustainable! The Human race is literally heading for extinction! And this got me thinking. We had a good run, but what would my generation have to show for it? In the thousands of years it would take for the world to recover and support the next generation of intelligent life, what will they see... (more)

Green LEED Specialists Celebrate Their 20th Anniversary!

Restoration Environmental Contractors - REC Demolition - REC Disaster Recovery LEED specialists are proud to announce their 20th Green Anniversary. LEED green specialty contractors; Restoration Environmental Contractors - REC Demolition - REC Disaster Recovery are proud to announce their 20th green Anniversary! REC are proud to be Green LEED Qualified specialty contractors, for demolition and environmental remediation. "Restoration Environmental Contractors REC Demolition are announcing our 20th Anniversary tyear of being Green, now LEED qualified specialty contractors, states; Don Bremner President CEO, " We have had great success, REC achieved 94.7% per cent LEED certification, at the Regent Park, the Toronto Revitalization environmental remediation and demolition project, by enforcing the three R's: reduce, re-use, recycle, and we had great results of over 75% su... (more)

Think Ahead: Latest Dynamic IBM System x and BladeCenter Server Line-up

Take an exclusive look at IBM's latest innovations from IBM System x and BladeCenter. IT professionals in small and medium businesses, branch offices, and large enterprises will benefit by adopting IBM System x and BladeCenter's next-generation hardware portfolio. The discussion - led by Alex Yost, Vice President and Business Line Executive, IBM Corporation, System x and BladeCenter - will include the latest innovations in server performance, systems management, IBM X-Architecture, Green IT and virtualization, highlighting the benefits and improvements these innovations will bring to your IT Infrastructure. You will learn: How to increase IT performance and lower your costs with IBM's latest products About new systems management solutions designed to make IT easier to manage How IBM's innovations in server technology are unmatched in the industry How to drive down... (more)

Survey Says Tech Spending to Increase

Interop released the results of a pre-show survey that indicates 42 percent of attendees at the upcoming Las Vegas intend to increase spending on technology within their organizations in 2009 as compared to last year. The Interop Las Vegas 2009 pre-show survey goes on to reveal that 95 percent of pre-registered attendees are active purchasers within their companies, interested in areas like virtualization, cloud computing, IT energy conservation, mobility & wireless, and network infrastructure and data center upgrades. Interop Las Vegas is happening May 17-21 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas. For more information see http://www.interop.com. "Attendees at this year's Interop Las Vegas are anxious to learn about the incredible innovation in today's business technology market and have the buying power to invest in these solutions," said Lenny Heymann ... (more)

Nokia, Vodafone Develop New Carbon Reducing Antenna Solution

Nokia and Vodafone claim that they have developed a new antenna solution that will help operators improve cost efficiencies in their mobile network and reduce overall carbon emissions. The so-called, Active Antenna solution was successfully tested by the two companies as part of a recently announced initiative called, the Nokia Siemens Networks Innovation Centre, or NICE. According to NSN, Active Antenna works by incorporating elements of the base station within the antenna, hence reducing the footprint of base stations and lowering power consumption. The solution is capable of working with multiple network technologies, NSN said, adding that the solution is targeted at operators rolling out new 3G or LTE (Long Term Evolution) networks or enhancing their existing 3G networks, as well as for those markets planning to re-farm current GSM band to make space for WCDMA/LT... (more)